From the recording Void and Vessel


Write a line
Scratch it out
Forget the thoughts that
You’ve figured out

Pretend it’s you
Mend the flame
Open the box which you’ve hidden away

Closing doors and sighing deeply
The plans of the weak so dull and empty
But it feels so right, and it feels so tight
And we’re all alright

Buy hey, we’ve been taught this way
The face, of a godless shame
We tried, the old ways of our kind

The light returns
However bleak
Adapt and find you
With just what you need

As all our seasons keep waltzing onward
My mind has blocked what it takes to inspire
As tensions mounting will break out tire-
Less eyes left wide in our daze

Okay, i'll find another way to say
It's safe, to throw away the lives you made
We wait, and hold the things we should have made

Wait up, wait up, wait up
Stay up, stay up, stay up

While I stare, the pages left in white
While I wear, the pages left in white