Merch Store Grand Opening 

If you haven't been able to make it to one of our shows, but would like to buy some promotional items, now is your chance! After much procrastination, our online merch store is finally open! Bounce on over to the MERCH page to check out our physical albums, t-shirts, and more! We're accepting payment through Paypal only for now. Any new merch items will be posted to the page as they become available. Check it out!


Tour announcement! 

We are stoked to finally announce the dates of our 2018 tour in support of our recent release "Void & Vessel" ! Thanks to the help of our friends over at Red Tentacle & Morbid Entertainment we will be playing a few dates across the Maritimes & Quebec on our way to The 2018 East Coast Music Awards: Festival and Conference 

Check it out!:

Joining us will be Halifax based Speed Rock/Heavy Metal band Black Moor along with supporting local acts. Check out our event calendar on the Shows tab for more information on the specific locations!

The FINAL Chapel Jam 

To end off our series of jams at the Mun Chapel, check out "Intrusive Thoughts" - brought to you by the amazing efforts of James Kean & friends! 

This was a load of fun for us to shoot and it was a pleasure working with James on these 3 tunes. Help us out and subscribe to our channel! Lots of cool stuff going up every few weeks!

Been an eventful few months planning our upcoming tour, and with the announcement of tour dates drawing near we are excited to announce the first show: Tour kickoff at the Rockhouse with Deadgaard & Space Animals! 

Come hang out with us! See you there!


We ran out of ideas for YouTube content so we resorted to hurting ourselves for the entertainment of others!

Check it out here:

In other news, we have a show coming up! We'll be playing at a rare all-ages show at Valhalla on March 25th, and even better, it's totally free. What else do you have to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Thanks for being there, friends.

Out-of-Province Shenanigans 


We're heading to Halifax from May 2nd to 6th for the ECMAs! We've been selected for the Loud Stage showcase at Gus's Pub, which is completely awesome. More details on that little trip to be announced.

On the topic of stuff that's happening in Halifax, our CDs are now available there! You can pick up a copy of Void and Vessel at Taz Records (Grafton St) and Renegade Records (Dartmouth). Supplies are super limited for now so pick one up while you can!

Lastly, here is another sick live video from James Kean and Co. Subscribe to our channel while you're at it. We need help!


Happy New Year! 

It's 2018 and no one used the nukes so life still goes on! We hope everyone had a great holiday season and were excited to be back in the swing of things. We are knee deep in tour preparations as we speak and will hopefully have more information soon.

We have a video series we are releasing thanks to our good friends James KeanKyle KneeRiley HarnetBilly Bishop and Cecil Reid. We set up shop at Memorial University of Newfoundland in November 2017 and filmed three different live performances in the chapel. The first of which is now available! Lastly, we just want to say thank you to everyone that we worked with, played for, met and interacted with in 2017. We have some big plans for 2018, we can't wait to share them with you.

We Got Sick Shirts 


We got new shirts and they are awesome. We're in the process of putting together our web store, but for now they can be purchased at Dead Issue (214 Duckworth, Posie Row building) or by contacting the band directly.

In other news, our physical CDs are now available at Sunrise Records in the Avalon Mall! How cool is that?

That's all we really have to talk about at this moment. The days are short and dark and we're tired all the time. Here's a video of Mike and Taylor playing North Korea featuring the most ambitious editing to date. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and maybe Spotify while you're at it!

Talk again soon,

-The Combine



Medic Alert and FM Radio 

We don't like cancelling shows. We'll do anything within our collective powers to avoid it. But, sometimes you have no choice. Our bassist and living legend Matt Ball got taken out by some kind of super bacterial infection just days before we were set to perform at Valhalla with Black Moor. His legs swelled up like big meaty sausages, he was an elephant man for a solid week, it was a mess. This is our PSA for Cellulitis Awareness, be careful out there and keep your skin safe.

We made our FM radio late night debut yesterday. K Rock played Void and Vessel from start to finish. It was a dream come true.

Not that much else to talk about. The holiday madness is draining on the mind and body. We'll probably be laying low in December, but we're gonna put together a real nice show for you guys in January. We've been jamming a lot and we can pretty well play all the songs now, so that'll be the next thing we do.

In the meantime, here's a sweet video of MattBall and his beautiful bass tearing some shit up.

As always, good talk,

-The Combine

Fun with a camera! 

We've been spending a lot of time with the cameras rolling over the last two weeks. We're putting together a series of playthrough videos for pretty well every song we've ever released, gonna cover guitar and bass parts at first and then maybe expand to drums when we upgrade our in-home gear situation. Repeatedly viewing playback of yourself in high definition really does a number on your self-image.

Check out the first of these videos below, and be sure to follow through and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you're into that kind of thing:

On top of that, we had a fun-filled day in a non-denominational chapel, where we got to rig up the whole recording setup and do some sweet live off the floor takes with a camera crew put together by the incomparable James Kean. Keep an eye out for those videos to be released in the coming weeks! Here are some nice stills:

We're gonna try to update this thing and throw up a YouTube video every two weeks. Come along with us on our journey of scheduled social media updates and web presence enhancements. Let us know if you'd like to see us do anything, we are open to all forms of fun content, currently our best idea is Eggs with Chreid which should start production directly. Talk soon.

-The Combine



What happened to The Combine? 

Photo credit to Sheila Priest.


In January of 2016 we locked ourselves in a basement hole to record an album. We vastly overestimated our efficiency in doing that. What was supposed to be a clean little 6 month noodle fest turned into 1.5 years of hell on earth. 

However, we made it through. Void and Vessel is out in the world, we put out a music video, and now we have a neat new website to wrap up the trifecta of Combine 2.0.

We're gonna ramble a lot of silly nonsense onto this page on a regular basis. If you're interested in that kind of stuff, join our mailing list, follow us on social media, bookmark this site, and check it all the time.

Finally, for the good people of St. John's, we're playing with Halifax's BLACK MOOR at Valhalla on November 18th, along with our friends in Deadgaard and Category VI. We'll be playing some brand new music from Void and Vessel and there's gonna be new merch, so make sure you get out to that!

Good talk.

-The Combine