Medic Alert and FM Radio

We don't like cancelling shows. We'll do anything within our collective powers to avoid it. But, sometimes you have no choice. Our bassist and living legend Matt Ball got taken out by some kind of super bacterial infection just days before we were set to perform at Valhalla with Black Moor. His legs swelled up like big meaty sausages, he was an elephant man for a solid week, it was a mess. This is our PSA for Cellulitis Awareness, be careful out there and keep your skin safe.

We made our FM radio late night debut yesterday. K Rock played Void and Vessel from start to finish. It was a dream come true.

Not that much else to talk about. The holiday madness is draining on the mind and body. We'll probably be laying low in December, but we're gonna put together a real nice show for you guys in January. We've been jamming a lot and we can pretty well play all the songs now, so that'll be the next thing we do.

In the meantime, here's a sweet video of MattBall and his beautiful bass tearing some shit up.

As always, good talk,

-The Combine

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